1.              The Impact of Technological Change on Job Satisfaction of Women Garment Workers in Developing Country

2.              India's Car is born

3.              Telecom & for IT Strategy Developing Countries

4.              Corporate Leaders of India

5.              Strategy & Competitor Cognition: An Exploratory Study of Cognitive Maps of Competition held by Inside and Outside

6.              Asset divestiture process in a large public sector enterprise: .Power Plant Divestment in SAIL

7.              From Core Competence to Innovation Absorption Capacity

8.              The process of Physiological Empowerment: A study of Indian managers

9.              Drug Discover Research: Transitional Strategies for Indian Firms

10.           Barista: Brewing the coffee revolution in India

11.           MNC Delisting in India-- Is It a Fair Deal? A Case of Sandvik Asia Ltd.

12.           Customer Care and Business Performance: Challenges in the Indian domestic airlines industry

13.           Strategic Management in Non Government Organisations (NGOs) in India

14.           Ellora Time's Manufacturing Woes

15.           Electronic Procurement: Can it be a strategic weapon for suppliers?

16.           Managing the implementation of new technology in safety critical settings: Listening to the control room operators

17.           Komala's Restaurant of Singapore

18.           The port of Kaosiung: Competing to be the global logistic hub in the Far East

19.           NTUC Income moves into uncharted territory: A Union based insurance cooperative faces liberalization

20.           Towards a new age corporate model: A holistic approach to corporate development

21.           Determinants of  Public Utility's Performance

22.           Value Chain Analysis in Insurance Sector: An Exploration

23.           Critical Success Factors for Developing Poultry Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

24.           Globalization and Industrial Relations: Strategies and Option in Developing Economy

25.           CRM as construct and/or conduit to service sector organizations and its strategic implications

26.           Contributions of Recent Empirical Researches to strategic alliances management

27.           On the sources of differential efficiency

28.           Leadership and Strategic HRM: Towards Sustainable Competitive Advantage

29.           Performance Impact of Business Diversification Strategy Evidence from the Indian Corporate Sector

30.           Strategic Risk Management In ERP Implementation

31.           How Bureaucratic the Young Bangladesh Executives are? An Evaluation

32.           Independence of Auditors and Corporate Governance

33.           Roles of Strategy and Structure in the Deemed Failure of a BPR Project in a Large Indian Bank

34.           PVR Cinemas 2003

35.           e-Procurement: Can it be a strategic weapon for suppliers

36.           Customer Care and Business Performance : A perspective on challenges in the Indian domestic airlines industry

37.           Achieving improved performance for global competitiveness using benchmarking techniques.